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French Dinky Toys 509 Fiat 850  Trade Box x 4.

£495.00 (Sold out)

French Dinky Toys 509 Fiat 850 Trade Box x 4. Mint models.

Issued 1966-68.

Assume 4 red models and assumed mint but confirmed shop stock.

Condition.  Mint.
A superb and rare opportunity to but a trade box of 4 Fiat 850's.
Assumed all red as two models can be seen through view slits. Believed never to have been opened. Supplied from the 'Parodi Italian Collection' and distributors for Meccano to the Italian market. A most unusual opportunity.

Boxes.  Near Mint.
2 boxes have slight crushing otherwise mint.  Original outer cellophane part broken.  
No pricing.

Superb and rare opportunity for the unusual.