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French Dinky 554 Opel Rekord Coral Pink.

£130.00 (Sold out)

Issued 1961-63. Very, Near Mint.

Finished in coral pink with an ivory roof it has concave hubs and a grey interior. Lovely shiny gloss black 554 base plate with white original tyres.Brick red body with cream roof and silver convex hubs with white tyres.

The model is a s good as mint with no body faults. Beautiful paintwork. Only reason to down grade is that the tyres have age coloured slightly with time and now hard but no cracks or flats so still a superb model.

Box. Excellent Plus
Complete with all flaps which remain firm. Some age marking and a black shop keepers crayon writing at one end. A couple of tiny spots of surface loss but minimal. A very nice box.

A very nice example.