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French Dinky 25F Market Gardeners Lorry. Issued 1940-48

£175.00 (Sold out)

French Dinky 25F Market Gardeners Lorry. Issued 1940-48.

This is a hard to find model and colour of the French version of the Market Gardeners Lorry with a turquoise blue body, black open chassis, bare Mazac wheels with thin axles - replacement grille assembly. It has a very slight distortion to stake sides of rear body.

Condition.Near Mint.
Superb condition and a Near Mint tag maybe harsh however due to the replacement grill which is loose and the body slight distortion I think this is fair. The paintwork has only 2-3 very tiny marks, quite outstanding.

None sold from a shope keepers trade box.

Hard to find I can not remember the last time I saw this colour example. Superb presentation you would not be disapointed.