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French Dinky 24U  Simca Aronde Elysee.  Light Blue

£245.00 (Sold out)

Very Scarce.
2nd Type. Issued 1956-57.

Beautiful example of the 2nd type grill and larger tail lights Aronde in scarce light blue with chrome convex wheels and white tyres. The base has '24U' stamped on it.  It has original white tyres.

Condition. Very, Near Mint.
A beautiful example of this hard to find colour with only the most minor marking. The original tyres are nice with no flats or splits. The wheels reveal no corrosion and nice and shiny. Minor rub down central bonnet seam.

Box.  Near Mint.
The generally strong and brightly coloured box has a couple of starter tears but minimal and one end flap has a little tear part way down the main flap repaired by tape. Nevertheless still a very nice box. Shop keepers pencil pricing at one end.

A superb example with showroom quality.