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DinkyToys 309 Star Trek Gift Set. Rare. Mint.

£420.00 (Sold out)

Issued 1978-80


Stunning set which includes the 357 Klingon battle cruiser and the 358 U.S.S. Enterprise.
Also included are two sealed bags of Photon Torpedoes one unapplied transfer sheet and the other transfer sheet applied.model in grey-blue shade with deep red seats flat silver wheels, a blue glass windscreen and racing decals 'No 3'.

Condition. Mint.
A superb set. This came from the private collection of the Italian distributors of Dinky toys.

Box. Near Mint.
Showing minimal wear and the original cellophane is complete though slightly compressed and needs to-gluing at one front side only. A strong box with excellent structure and original bright graphics card.

Stunning in appearance and a very nice presentation piece with matching box. When will you see another?