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DinkyToys 234 Ferrari Racing Car. Late Issue Scarce.

£225.00 (Sold out)

Issued 1960-62


This is a scarce later issue Ferrari racing car with yellow triangle shark nose and yellow plastic wheels. It also comes with the later black gloss 234 base plate and grey ST tyres. The model comes in blue and has yellow racing no '5' decals either side of the rear tail.


Minor marks only around nose edge and slightly rough casting along tail top seam. Grey tyres would benefit from a soapy wash and are now hardened but with no flats. The driver is chip free but thin paint on head crown seam. Plastic wheels complete and very nice. Base plate is good but may benefit like the tyres with a little cleaning.

A very nice correct later issue lighter yellow picture box showing the spun wheel version. Minor age wear and a little graffiti to one box end.

A very presentable example and box.