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Dinky Toys 969 B.B.C TV Extending Mast Vehicle.

£245.00 (Sold out)

Part of the Jersey collection.
Issued 1959-64

Dark green body with a light grey side stripe and ST wheels. There are side transfer emblems with a wind up two handle silver ladder in working order. It has black tyres with a black gloss 969 base plate.
In addition there is the satellite dish in the box and an original instruction leaflet and test tag.

Condition  Very, Near Mint
A superb example so close to mint. An occasional tiny mark if you hunt and the wind up handles and spindles show some rusting and dullness. There are no chips where the ladder sits on the roof. The transfers are complete and the window glass has no scratches.

Box  Near Mint
A very nice box with just occasional marks and no base scuffing. The inner packing tray is there as is a test tag and the satellite dish.

One of the best examples I have ever seen. It would not be easy to find better.