Diecast Gems

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Dinky Toys 40d Austin Devon Red & Burgundy wheels. Rare

£1,200.00 (Sold out)

Issued 1949-54

Supplied from my own collection on request.

Description & Condition.  Very, Near Mint
Probably the rarest colour Devon though there are several rare variations with different wheel colours.
To find in any condition is difficult but here is a 'Diecast Gem'.
Certainly the best example I have ever seen with just a couple of small nicks and a box rub to the bonnet emblem this is in outstanding condition. This mayhave been sold in a trade box of six models though I have seen a dual box with red spot applied so a transitional colour probaly around 1953-54. It has lovely contrasting burgundy wheels and a small writing earlier base plate.

Box None.

A very hard colour to find and this is one of the best examples seen for a long time.

Fully light tested for touch-ins. None seen.