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Dinky Toys 40B Trade Box Triumph 1800 Saloon

£1,000.00 (Sold out)

Available for sale from my own long standing personal Dinky collection.

Issued 1949-54


This is a very scarce and sought after, original full trade box of six Triumph 1800 saloon models, with original box and dividers. I believe the original six models, three Tan with green wheels and three blue with same casting and consistent colour shades have been together from outset. Rare to come to the market and a most popular model in the 40 series range. Only seen sight of 2-3 decent high quality full trade box's in 40 years of collecting.

Condition  Almost Mint

A superb example so close to mint. The three blue models are all mint and also one Tan. Two tan have a minor mark each. Superb wheels and base and no flat tyres on any model. No rear pillars and  no model name cast under the roofs. Minor casting marks as you would expect. Consistent in casting-model colour shade and condition. Believed an original set which I have owned for many years, Absolutely stunning and a cherished past acquisition.

Box   Near Mint

A lovely bright box with firm corners. No damage or repairs. Some early sellotape is still in place. Slight box edge fray. This is a very nice early trade box in yellow with the five digit end box code. The box and dividers are totally original. 40B only box.


Fully light tested for any obvious touch ups. None identified.

A rare and sought after wonderful, complete early 40 series trade box.