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Dinky Toys 148 Ford Fairlane. Very Scarce Emerald Green

£750.00 (Sold out)

Available for sale from my own long standing personal Dinky collection.

Issued 1962-67


This is a very scarce emerald green example possibly made for the US & Canadian market place though there was I am sure some UK supply. It comes with lighter grey interior, open front windows and a matt black base plate with no catalog number. It comes as always with silver spun shaped wheels and 'M' tyres. This was the final limited issue of this model.

Condition  Almost Mint

A superb example so close to mint. A couple of tiny marks to the front left wing is all I can see. Spotless base plate and made with the later domed rivets. The wheels and tyres are like new.

Box   Very, Near Mint

A lovely bright box with firm end flaps. Pencil pricing to one end and slight mark to one corner. Suprb box.


Fully light tested for any obvious touch ups. None identified.

The group picture shows variations available at outset. Only the one advertised model is offered for sale here.