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Dinky Toys  028c Manchester Guardian Delivery Van 1st Issue

£4,000.00 (Sold out)

Available for sale from my own long standing personal Dinky collection.

Issued 1933-34

A 'Diecast Gem'


Here is an original and very hard issue to find in any condition, a 28 series 1st issue delivery van, in the black cab & chassis and dark red box section with cerise washed metal wheels in 'The Manchester Guardian advertising on each box side in gold lettering.  Any 28 series van is a difficult find but in this condition and rare to come to the market.


This beautiful model , totally original with no touch ups is in very near mint condition. The radiator surround has some pitting to the front. There is hardly a paint chip to be found. Quite remarkable for a model now eighty five years old. The wheels are very nice and from below like new other than the axles showing a little rusting. Outstanding piece. No evidence of corrosion or damage.


None. Sold from a trade box of six different advertising vans. I believe the current world record sale for Dinky is a trade box of these 1st series delivery vans.


What an opportunity for the connoisseur Dinky collector. The best I have seen in 40 years of collecting. Fully light checked for touch-ins and none identified.