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Dinky 470 Austin 'Shell ' Van. Mint. 

£225.00 (Sold out)

Part of the Jersey collection.
Red over green with red metal wheels, smooth tyres and a standard 470 base plate. Transfers are in gold either side and the rear advertising 'Shell' & 'BP.
Condition. Mint.
As good as I have ever seen. Complete transfers and not even a tiniest rub to the roof pillar the first place you see and box rubbing to this model. Perhaps the tiniest of marks on the rear number plate panel is all I can see. Lovely clean wheels, nice firm tyres (no flats) and a very clean base. This is as good as they come.
Box. Very, Near Mint.
A lovely box with bright card and hard to find a fault. It has firm flaps, there is no creasing and obvious marks.No pricing.
A beautiful model rarely found in such beautiful condition. From a life long collection.