Diecast Gems

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Dinky Toys 39eu Chrysler Saloon  Rare.  Very Near Mint.  Issued 1950-52.


US Export  Very Scarce.  Announcing "Diecast Gem"

This model became one of six American classic cars, affectionately known as the 39 series. The Chrysler was original launched in the pre war period 1939 alongside the other 5 models and eventually came to the end of its life in 1952. In 1950 each model was given special liveries for the US export market and three of these models were painted in two tones including the Chrysler.
The US exports have become particularly sought after and when in really good condition fetch a premium.  This model is one of those.

American classic in all over cream with green ridges wheels. The base plate has an open towing cut out.Never an easy model to find in any condition.

Condition  Very Near Mint.
A superb example with hardly a mark. Please study the digital pictures. I have light tested the model and there are no touch ups. Totally original. Some lines on the base where model would have been placed on a drying rack. The paint finish is superb with a like new finish and sheen.
Absolutely stunning a “Diecast Gem”.

None. sold only from a trade box of 6.

Summary. Very Rare.
Would be hard to find a better model.
Cabinet or showroom quality.