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Dinky 25Y/405 Universal Jeep. Scarce early version.

£135.00 (Sold out)

Issued 1953-60. Scarce version.

This is a harder early colour variation to find in dark green with deep burgundy ridged wheels. Sold either from a shop keepers trade box or an early dual number individual box. This model has been put with a very nice later light yellow 405 picture box with clear colour spot. It has a 25Y base plate, metal tow hook black smooth tyres( now nice and firm with no flats) and a spare mounted to the side.

Condition. Very, Near Mint.
Superb example and barely a mark to find. Lovely windscreen with no rusting, glossy black steering wheel and perfect silvering to front bumper and head lights. A couple of tiny early rust spots to hook. Tyres nice and firm with no flats.

Box. Excellent Plus-Near Mint.
Though it is not the correct box it is really nice to have a strong original box for the model. A bonus. Strong and holding good shape. Some surface loss to one end tab due to a price label badly removed. No other pricing.

A superb example of a hard to find colour with a very nice later bones 405 box.