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Dinky 184 Volvo 122s Scarce Deep Red.

£225.00 (Sold out)

Dinky 184 Volvo 122s Scarce Deep Red. Issued 1961-65.

Scarce Version.

This is the deep red version normally bright red which does not come to the surface often. With an off white interior, silver spun shaped wheels glazing and a black gloss base plate and 'M' tyres.

Condition. Near Mint+.
A stunning bright example with just an occasional mark. A factory applied touch up at the front of the roof and then only the tiniest of marks to find. Often overlooked and as hard to find in my opinion as the off white last version. The glazing, wheels, tyres and base all very nice.

Box. Mint.
Superb bright fresh box with firm flaps. Shop keepers price sticker is at one end.

A scarce piece with a stunning box. This has just come out of storage from a long standing collection bought from new.