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Dinky 181 VW Beetle. Lime Green. Mint.

£185.00 (Sold out)

Dinky 181 VW Beetle. Lime Green  Issued 1956-1970

This model was ever popular just like the real car and had a very successful issue period of 14 years. It was produced with several colours and with wheel and base plate variations. Some are very hard to source.

Striking Beetle in Lime green with green ridged hubs and 181 numbered base with smooth tyres.

Condition.  Mint.
This is a superb example with no imperfections. Wheels, tyres and base as new.

Box.  Excellent
A nice complete box with reasonably firm end flaps. No damage or repairs. Just a little age wear. Has the correct green spot on end flaps. No pricing.

Superb example for display.