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Dinky 169 Studebaker Golden Hawk.

£175.00 (Sold out)

Dinky 169 Studebaker Golden Hawk. Late Issue 1958-63.

This is the later version in green and cream but with silver spun shaped wheels  and a black gloss base plate. It also comes with white 'M' tyres.

Condition. Very, Near Mint.
A stunning bright example with like new paint finish. Just a couple of tiniest marks if you hunt for them. Stray silver dot on left door. The glazing, wheels, tyres and base all very nice.

Box. Near Mint.
Superb late red and yellow panelled non picture box with a green spot one end with firm flaps. Crease on the bottom side of box and biro pricing one box end.

Not so easy to find and a super example and box. This model has just come out of storage from a long standing collection bought from new.