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Dinky 161 Austin Somerset. Scarce Two tone Red & Yellow

£500.00 (Sold out)

Part of the Jersey collection.
Near Mint. 
Yellow over red with red metal wheels, smooth tyres and a standard 161 base plate. This is an early release in two tone and as a result has no tail lights.
Condition. Near Mint.
In stunning condition this popular Dinky is close to mint. Minor faults only. A couple of roof pits that appear touched but not showing under ultra violet light ( a certainty to yellow paint if later touched) so almost certainly done at manufacture. Apart from this some tiny marks confined to right side and one spot of high edge box rubbing. All seen by way of the photos. Tyres have no flats and nice and firm now with a clean base.
Box. Excellent Plus.
A lovely box with correct end spots and with no damage or repairs carried out. Minor age wear but retaining firm springy end flaps.
A beautiful model fully light tested and totally original as is the box. Will need to be at front of cabinet display, it's such a stunner.