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Dinky 101 Sunbeam  Alpine Tourer . Rare SPUN wheels. MINT.

£850.00 (Sold out)

Dinky 101 Sunbeam  Alpine Tourer . Rare SPUN wheels. MINT. Issued 1957-60.

Please read my article on the 100 series.

A special opportunity to obtain a very rare US export late issue in turquoise body with dark blue seating and  silver spun wheels. Correct with the late gloss black base plate and 'M' tyres. In addition a solid light grey four spoke steering wheel, grey touring driver and perfect tail lights.

Condition. Mint
I can not find a fault with this wonderful model. There is no nicks to drivers head and it retains full bright rear tail lights which often can be faded . The wheels tyres and base are great only showing tiniest of manufacture scratches on the base plate. Lovely bright windscreen with not a mark. The best example I have ever seen.

Box  Excellent.
A complete box with no repairs . A few tiny light creases showing only minor wear. The correct blue spots at the end tabs. A little grafitti at one box end 'CR1 2'

Museum quality.
Note; The front end exposure appears to show marks there are is no paint loss.