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Recently, I bought a new camera. A proper one. An SLR. “Wow” you say!


I have not used an SLR for 30 years and I am extremely happy with the quick and easy mini zoom lens, digital zappers.


It’s got a lot of buttons, settings and options on it. You might have detected, I do not see my past skills in photography but hey, there’s no reason not to learn a new skill! So whilst my skills are being finely honed with light and backdrop and trying to avoid shadow and oh no, that crease again in the light box, I hope you will be understanding and hold back your huffs and puffs and enjoy the effort I am trying to make.


Seriously, any tips most welcome.


I am limited to 5 pictures for each entry, so sometimes I am confused what people may appreciate most – a top down of the model, or a base view. If you need further pictures because I have not shown a certain spot or clear enough picture, please ask – I will always try again.


So there we are, fully exposed! Oooops excuse the pun.


Happy collecting!