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Latest news, February 2014

Thank you for this, it was as good to receive as the sales themselves. With the many comments of appreciation on our display and the condition of models on view, a few ‘huffs’ and ‘puffs’ about some prices, two clients commented by saying (I quote) “You get what you pay for” which hopefully is true.


The next Sandown is in February and though we were scheduling a trip to Holland to a large toyfair there the dates clashed.  For those who may be hoping to see us at the next Sandown we are now planning to be there.




We put several items onto Ebay; a few top valued items and some general items, from a £1 to £100 starting price. Surprisingly, the top items did not sell but nearly everything else did and we were very satisfied with the results.




Our first sales are now happening directly from the website as collectors become aware of us. This will no doubt increase and be our main emphasis.




Whatever our age we still like a Christmas gift, especially if it is something we want. So, for any of you looking at the models on this site, I am happy to take a 10% deposit and will reserve the model for you. I would like to send it to you by Christmas (don’t leave it too late for posting) providing the balance is paid prior to then. So turn to your partners and smile nicely or, if you’re single, even easier - make it a nice Christmas treat for yourself.


Special offer


For those of you in the UK, if you pay by bank transfer or cheque during December we will waive postage charges. We avoid the credit card fees and can pass some of the saving on to you. Outside of the UK talk to us or send an email with your requests before you go to the shopping cart.


Collectors corner


No doubt many of us would love to see more of other people’s collections. Well, one client sent us a display of theirs with the agreement we can show you all. Enjoy.


If anyone else has a good display they would like to show off, please email a picture and we will consider it for future updates. Privacy of identity will be assured.


























I am planning to write an article on the Dinky 281 Luxury Coach next so keep a look out for that.

If, when reading any article you have further information which would expand on it (e.g new colours or other variations)  and can email  me pictures to support your comments, I will consider including this in the next update.




To all of you that have been in touch whether you have bought from us or just enjoyed communication thank you for making this first month such fun.

November Update

Latest news, November 2013

IMG_2262_web Customer Philip Hill Display of collection_web



Well our first Sandown has now been and gone and what fun it was. We met some great people followed by successful sales with several clients who contacted us afterwards to say how pleased they were with their purchases.

February Update

Website New Additions


This month I will list a further range of Dinky, French Dinky and Tekno.


Toy Fairs


We are excited about the coming Sandown Toyfair day on the 15th and are planning our first trip to Holland on April 19th to the Houten toyfair.


Latest Articles


Phil has just completed the draft of his latest article which will be first announced in a near coming future issue of 'Model Collector' so please keep a look out for this. Wishing you all a successful month in your collecting.

Latest news, April 2014

April Update

What’s been happening this last month?


Sandown in February


Well Sandown in February was very quiet. The good news was, that the disabled in wheel chairs, were able to move quite freely down the aisles. Why was it so quiet? Well two thoughts! The flooding caused people to stay at home and that Houten a large toyfair in Holland coincided on the same day as it does again next month on the 31st May. This meant many European buyers would have gone there rather than travelled over to the UK from Europe and with the flooding totally understandable.


Buying and Selling


Many buying opportunities have presented themselves to us this last month and we have been accumulating reasonable quantities of new stock to sell.

Secondly you the customer have provided us with your wants lists and we are pleased to report that a number of successful finds have been achieved which customers have been pleased with. This means that many items have been purchased and sold without getting as far as the website.


We are now seeking collections to sell on your behalf whether on commission or outright for our customers. We are particularly keen to acquire Spot-On collections, rare diecast items such as South African dinky toys and collections of very high quality. If you have a collection small or large or even a rare individual model please give Phil a call so we can discuss further how we can help you.



Special finds


Phil has been successful this month in finding three models for his own collection and the description and pictures are attached for your own interest.


South African dinky toys


Firstly, if your interested in these rare dinky toys Clive Unsworth a known expert in these toys, has written an excellent article in the May issue of Model Collector so don’t forget to seek out a copy it’s worth this months sub for this article alone.


Phil has sought rare South African dinky toys for several years now and attending a recent local toyfair, he saw a dealer friend who had put to one side for him a dinky 449 Chevrolet El Camino pick up truck in Cream and Caramel. This now sits alongside his all turquoise blue issue. Phil has released an article now available on the website re the 449 El Camino. Hot of the press a red 113 MGB has just landed with SA box.


Unrecorded 40 series


A rare dinky 40e Standard Vanguard was found with the early open wheel arches in tan but with unrecorded maroon wheels. It is scarce to find a tan model with red wheels but Phil says he has never seen this model before with maroon wheels. The condition was very good but who knows he hopes to find a better one day.














Unrecorded 25 series Tipper lorry

Finally a type 4 25e tipper wagon in superb condition was found at the same toyfair in the Austin Devon sage green with black chassis and cream wheels. Phil says everything looks right about this model and will seek further confirmation from other experts before recording the colour.














New Articles


Recently it was announced a new article had been written for Model Collector magazine April issue by Phil. We can now inform you this was issued as planned on the dinky 340 Land Rover and 341 trailer. There is a four page spread which we hope readers will find informative. If you havn’t bought a copy this will be still available direct or see the article alone on the website. This has now been posted with kind permission of Model Collector magazine.



April.  Houten Holland. 19th April


This month we will be arranging a trip to Houten toyfair in the middle of the month.


We will stay in Amstelveen with our friends Cees and Anita who will help us at the toyfair. For anyone reading this and you plan to be there please look us up and say hello. The European market is strong and we hope to become acquainted with some of the very knowledgeable collectors and dealers there.

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