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This Blog is written by me, Phil Silverster, owner of Diecast Gems, a site dedicated to collectors of the finest Dinky and Diecast toys, views are my own, comments are welcomed but are only published at my discretion.


We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy my ramblings... Phil.

By diecastgems, Jun 21 2018 11:00AM

Got it at last.

I have searched for this very rare late issue model for many years only ever seeing evidence of one other.

Now at last I have found one. It looks so smart with it's shiny spun shaped wheels. It also has the shiny black gloss base and 'M tyres' which ties in with the early 60's when these components were utilised on many models causing late changes and rare issues.

By diecastgems, Jun 18 2018 10:49AM

What an extraudinary month.

Over this last month I have had the opportunity to add to my own Dinky collection not by one or two but a number of models which have evaded me over the last 30 years.

I am going to kick off today with a model not recorded and one I have never seen before.

This Armstrong has silver painted wheels as I have seen and have on the 30b Rolls Royce and 30d Vauxhall but this is a first I have ever seen and fortunate enough to now own.

Over the next month I will blog a series of wonderful finds. Some I have and will offer for sale others will be stored away in my lock up with my own collection.

By diecastgems, Sep 22 2017 11:23AM

About my sales process and the recent aquisition 'The Jersey Collection'.

Just acquired in Sept 2017 a collection of the highest quality Dinky toys known as 'The Jersey' collection personally selected by 'Diecast Gems' for the collector seeking only the highest quality models. When paying a collector for their models I try to pay the highest price possible but insist on the best models for my business.

This retains my reputation of providing you the collector with a model you are delighted with and where trust plays an essential part particularly when not handling the model yourself until purchase. I take great pride in my reputation and seek repeat customers who buy through my EBay store or directly. I realize I am not a cheap answer to supply but then you can be assured that you can rely on the quality.

Each model is light tested to seek to reduce the risk of unidentified touch ups and though this does not guarantee 100% authenticity it certainly reduces the risk dramatically. Full disclosure is intended with the description and photo's and are created from all angles including the box. I am limited to five pictures on my website pages.

I try to ensure that you get good value for what you pay and that you are very satisfied with your purchase.

Happy Collecting. Diecast Gems.

By guest, Aug 20 2015 03:14PM

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