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Dinky Toys 129 MG Midget Tourer US Export release

By diecastgems, Jun 20 2019 02:12PM

Releasing for sale one of my favourite Dinky toys the special limited edition 129 Midget. Made as for the 108 Competion but without the white racing numerals and white driver it retained the stamped 108 base plate.

However it was released in it's own special 129 box and this later component is even harder to find with a model.

This is a mint example of both model and box and whatidentifies it even more is the US shop keepers price label to one end.

I have obtained both the white and red versions and around three of each over the years but this is without doubt the best combination of model and box i have had.

Purchased originally in 2003 directly from a US collector I have enjoyed this model for 15 yrears. The white equivalent model I sold to a customer request around two years ago.

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