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By diecastgems, Aug 27 2018 02:56PM

Two more rarites turn up.

What a sensational year for the 252 Refuse Wagon.

Here are not one but two more rarites to add to the unknown recorded list.

The first is an unboxed early tan with green but cream ridged wheels not the usual red, This early version has no windows and an early mottled base plate. In close to mint condition.

The second is the olive green and black version with no windows but instead of the usual cream wheels this has striking red ridged wheels with later bobbly tyres and and a later black gloss base plate. Also it has a red and yellow later non picture box..

You never know what is going to turn up next. This is what makes collecting and trading so much fun.

Happy collecting


27 August 2018

By diecastgems, Jul 2 2018 12:27PM

I have available four rare versions of the Bedford Refuse wagon available.

The version with cream wheeels is particularly rare. All in wonderful condition you can also see three of the harder box variations to find , note the usual yellow picture box is not within this group shot.

I have two furtehr rarities to show you in due course.

By diecastgems, Jun 27 2018 12:18PM

Never seen before then another turns up.

Until May this year I had never seen this colour variation before. As is typical a second turns up in June.

I was fortunate enough to purchase this item from auction though it cost me an arm and a leg as they say.

In superb condition this is an early issue with small writing base plate. It has been placed with a very nice green spot later 154 box.

What a find.

By diecastgems, Jun 21 2018 11:00AM

Got it at last.

I have searched for this very rare late issue model for many years only ever seeing evidence of one other.

Now at last I have found one. It looks so smart with it's shiny spun shaped wheels. It also has the shiny black gloss base and 'M tyres' which ties in with the early 60's when these components were utilised on many models causing late changes and rare issues.

By diecastgems, Jun 18 2018 10:49AM

What an extraudinary month.

Over this last month I have had the opportunity to add to my own Dinky collection not by one or two but a number of models which have evaded me over the last 30 years.

I am going to kick off today with a model not recorded and one I have never seen before.

This Armstrong has silver painted wheels as I have seen and have on the 30b Rolls Royce and 30d Vauxhall but this is a first I have ever seen and fortunate enough to now own.

Over the next month I will blog a series of wonderful finds. Some I have and will offer for sale others will be stored away in my lock up with my own collection.

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