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By diecastgems, Jun 20 2019 02:12PM

Releasing for sale one of my favourite Dinky toys the special limited edition 129 Midget. Made as for the 108 Competion but without the white racing numerals and white driver it retained the stamped 108 base plate.

However it was released in it's own special 129 box and this later component is even harder to find with a model.

This is a mint example of both model and box and whatidentifies it even more is the US shop keepers price label to one end.

I have obtained both the white and red versions and around three of each over the years but this is without doubt the best combination of model and box i have had.

Purchased originally in 2003 directly from a US collector I have enjoyed this model for 15 yrears. The white equivalent model I sold to a customer request around two years ago.

By diecastgems, Jun 18 2019 10:33AM

Pre War 24A Dark Grey & Red Ambulance alongside two early post war 30f examples.

The early Pre War example was produced between 1934 -1938 one of the earliest Dinky Toys produced.

The dark grey and black has the open type rear window and the cream and black the later cloed rear window. All in fine condition.

Available for sale from the Phil Silvester collection.

Please contact if interested in obtaining a model.

By diecastgems, Aug 27 2018 02:56PM

Two more rarites turn up.

What a sensational year for the 252 Refuse Wagon.

Here are not one but two more rarites to add to the unknown recorded list.

The first is an unboxed early tan with green but cream ridged wheels not the usual red, This early version has no windows and an early mottled base plate. In close to mint condition.

The second is the olive green and black version with no windows but instead of the usual cream wheels this has striking red ridged wheels with later bobbly tyres and and a later black gloss base plate. Also it has a red and yellow later non picture box..

You never know what is going to turn up next. This is what makes collecting and trading so much fun.

Happy collecting


27 August 2018

By diecastgems, Jul 2 2018 12:27PM

I have available four rare versions of the Bedford Refuse wagon available.

The version with cream wheeels is particularly rare. All in wonderful condition you can also see three of the harder box variations to find , note the usual yellow picture box is not within this group shot.

I have two furtehr rarities to show you in due course.

By diecastgems, Jun 27 2018 12:18PM

Never seen before then another turns up.

Until May this year I had never seen this colour variation before. As is typical a second turns up in June.

I was fortunate enough to purchase this item from auction though it cost me an arm and a leg as they say.

In superb condition this is an early issue with small writing base plate. It has been placed with a very nice green spot later 154 box.

What a find.

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